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Dunstable Grammar School

Dunstable School

The Frances Ashton School

High Street North, Dunstable, Beds





A collection of memorabilia


Hi Dave. 

I've attached a jpeg of a 1905 postcard of the old place.

Hope it's of use.

Best wishes, 





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Dunstable School 


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Dunstable - Preserving the Past for the Future


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The School is now closed


After 128 years, the school, bequeathed to Dunstable by Frances Ashton, has closed its doors to pupils for the last time.

What's next? The developer, Weston Homes, says a sympathetic conversion into residences for some 100 people. Time will tell.

See DSOBA Newsletter for more details





Dunstable Downs Golf Club

Saturday, November 11

12:00 for 1:00


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